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How to Choose Sports to Bet On?

After the euphoria from the first bets in the bookmaker goes, each player begins to think about how to make bets a profitable activity and in which sport it is best to bet. Each sport has its advantages and disadvantages. This is not to say that one sport is easier to analyze than another. At the same time, you will find a lot of information about any Premier League football match, and it’s already problematic to find it for the match of the Norwegian Bendy Championship. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of betting on popular sports.

4 Popular Kinds of Sports for Betting

Before making the final choice what to bet on at, check pros and cons of some kinds of sports below:

1. Football.

Betting benefits:

  • A large number of national and international tournaments for betting;
  • A lot of information about the leading football tournaments;
  • Bets can be placed all year round. Some leagues go according to the spring-autumn scheme, others according to the autumn-spring scheme. In addition, in the summer large international competitions of teams take place.
  • Wide list of bookmakers;
  • High odds (only in leading leagues).
  • Cons of betting

    • National tournament matches are usually played at the weekend. In the remaining days, it remains only to bet on other sports;
    • Match-fixing often occurs;
    • For a complete analysis, you need to study the form of each player teams, and this as many as 22 people, not counting the spare.

    2. Hockey


    • Frequency of matches. Hockey teams play 3-4 games a week;
    • A large amount of statistics;
    • Wide list of bookmakers;
    • A lot of resources about hockey and analytics of upcoming games.

    Cons of betting:

    • Relatively low odds. Only in the NHL bookmakers offer high odds, but they are inferior to the odds of leading football leagues;
    • A small number of tournaments for betting;
    • Low betting limits.

    3. Basketball

    Betting Benefits

    • Large betting limits and low margin (in NBA matches);
    • The regularity of the games. Every week, basketball club teams play 2-4 games;
    • The presence of high-quality video broadcasts;
    • Large statistical base.

    Cons of betting

    • Weak painting (not regarding NBA matches);
    • A small number of serious basketball tournaments. You can count on the strength of 6-8 tournaments that are suitable for betting bettors.

    4. Volleyball

    Betting Benefits

    • No draw result;
    • Relatively easy command analysis;
    • Rates all year round.

    Cons of betting

    • Modest painting;
    • High margin;
    • Little information to analyze;
    • A small number of major tournaments;
    • Low betting limits.

    Choose sports you like most but take into account its betting peculiarities.

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